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Cloud Computing:

---Aligning IT Strategy with the Future

If you're an enterprise, midsize business, or cloud service provider, chances are you've thought a lot about cloud computing. Cloud computing continues to impact the way you plan, pay for, and roll out IT services.
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Infrastructure Management Services

--- for Seamless Administration

Infrastructure Management services enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure.
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Web development

--- Custom and Flexible website design

We are the one the leading web development company in Chennai, developing website's For small to larger organizations and businesses, our web development team having professional web developers.
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Responsive Web

--- Suitable For Mobile Devices

We have used the most advanced frontend development technology, such as HTML5 and CSS3, which is specially optimized for mobile devices and will help you sites load rapidly.
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and Development

Coredroid Technology supports research scholars, entrepreneurs and Professionals from various organizations in providing consistent high quality writing services and supporting to publish the journals.

Our Products :

Pharmacy Software

Blood Bank Data System

Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

Loans and deposits

Online Examination Portal

Mobile Apps for IT Service Management

Sales Software

Financing Data Management & Information System

Share Transfer System



Accounting System

Application Control Software

IPS Software

URL Filtering Software

Anti-Bot Software

Compliance Software

Network management

Storage management

IT service management

College/ University Management software

Contact Tracking

Marketing Software

Issue tracker

Visitor Gate pass

Time Tracking

Customer Relationship Management

Registry Maintenance System

Web based Personal Information System

Asset Management System

Marketing Software

Cargo Management